After all that, it looks like Mr. Manny Ortez helped out after all

April 5th, 2007 → 10:43 am @ // No Comments

Yup: all of us cable subscribers are going to get the privilege of spending $150 bucks to watch baseball after all. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t still hate Major League Baseball. (Apropos of that, here’s something worth checking out: a reader wrote in saying that he was able to listen to the ‘EEI feed of the game for free — and that it was much clearer and stronger than the MLB feed. I have to assume someone will wise up and start blacking that out soon, but in the meantime you might want to see if that still works.)

Here’s a question I have (and some cursory poking around on the Interweb didn’t provide the answer, although maybe when InDemand updates their MLB page to reflect the fact that they’ll now have Extra Innings, I’ll be able to find the info there): I currently am a Time Warner subscriber, but I’m moving to a Cablevision neighborhood at the end of May. Is InDemand going to transfer over my subscription? Or will I have another reason to get incensed? Anyone?

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  1. Mferguson

    17 years ago

    No such luck. I moved from a Comcast area in CT last year to one serviced by Cablevision, and I had the pleasure of paying for Extra Innings twice.


  2. tinisoli

    17 years ago

    I’m listening to the game right now on the KC radio online. Why pay for MLB gameday Audio when you can just find local radio stations that stream online? WEEI claims they can’t stream… I wonder why. Maybe it’s a NESN/Sox thing rather than an MLB rule.


  3. sonomasox

    17 years ago

    The EEI thing worked for until the 3rd inning or so…walked out of the office and back only to get Fox Radio – not good.

    Will give the KC radio a try.

    First time listening to the new announcers…ouch. No report between the two. Most of the time Joe C. is telling stories and background while O’Brien is dead air. Could be a painful radio season – Joe C. is probably gone by ’08.

    Looks like I’m coughing up $150 for 80 games or Rem-Dog & DO.


  4. sirius

    17 years ago

    Cablevision has not yet made a deal with Extra Innings as of today. Those of us with Cablevison are stuck until they reach an agreement. You might want to re-think that move!


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