Lessons from the shaming of chemically castrating doc who “endangers autistic children and exploits their parents”

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With the exception of Andrew Wakefield, there are no more infamous anti-vaccine “researchers” than Dr. Mark Geier and his son, David.

(photo by Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune)

Last week, the Maryland State Board of Physicians suspended Mark Geier’s license to practice medicine. (As far as I can tell, this doesn’t affect Geier’s ability to practice in the other states in which he’s licensed, including California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington.) That this move comes years too late for scores of children does not mean it is not incredibly welcome.

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One Comment → “Lessons from the shaming of chemically castrating doc who “endangers autistic children and exploits their parents””

  1. Suzanne Preston

    12 years ago

    Seth, I cannot thank you enough for your work to stop Mark Geier.
    I am a Lupron victim.
    I took Lupron only once at age 44, in preparation for surgery to remove a small uterine fibroid.
    The drug destroyed my abdominal wall fascia (similar to a hernia but worse), leaving me with severe abdominal distention even though I’ve never weighed over 100 pounds. I have discomfort 24/7.
    Lupron has even caused hernias in fetuses. There is no warning on the label.
    Doctors tell me it probably isn’t fixable. I have had one abdominoplasty and am consulting for a second. My medical bills will be at least $50,000. They are not covered by insurance.
    I am suing Abbott Labs in federal court for $10 million.
    Lupron is NOT safe or effective for adults. Anyone who prescribes it for a child should be in jail.
    The FDA never removes any drug from the market. I can only hope
    that Abbott will stop marketing Lupron after all the patents expire in 2014, if enough people like me sue.

    THANK YOU for your work. You were right, of course.


    Suzanne Preston


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