Tonight: Rare opportunity to drown your sorrows in drink while listening to the dulcet tones of my voice

September 14th, 2006 → 1:23 pm @ // No Comments

It’s true: tonight’s the long-awaited reading at Professor Thoms’ in Manhattan’s delightfully gentrified East Village (219 Second Ave). Reading/q&a/book signing (there’ll be a bookseller on site) starts at 6:30 — and yes, I’ll answer anything you throw at me — and at 7:30 we all watch the Sox play the Orioles, which can’t be all bad: if the Sox didn’t have to play anyone but the Orioles and the NL, they’d be something like 130-10.

And: I know I’ve been a bit behind the last few days, and I know there’s been plenty to talk about: the Ortiz for MVP controversy, Chapter 28 in the Mike Timlin saga (the headline “Timlin Not Ready To Retire” couldn’t have inspired lots of joy in New England), the spectacle of open warfare in the Fenway trenches, another page in the ongoing what’s up with Manny brouhaha, the hometown park coming in 28th out of 30 in terms of fan value. My only excuse is I’ve been reading every book ever written about the Black Dahlia. Seriously.

Anyway, I’ll remind you all once again that this is as good a time as any to read my book, a recounting fo the when, why, and how of 2001-2005. Hope to see you all of you living in New York. We can relive the glory days.

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