One thing god definitely wants is for him to cash that $52 million check

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“Pedro Martínez says that if his right shoulder doesn’t return to full strength, he would consider retiring. Martínez had surgery Oct. 5 to repair a torn rotator cuff. ‘To go back I have to recover. I have to be healthy,’ said Martínez. ‘But if God doesn’t want that, then I would have to think about giving it all up.'”

— The Boston Globe‘s “Baseball Notebook,” November 4, 2006.

Coming tomorrow: hours of callers on ‘EEI lauding the Sox’s decision not to offer Pedro Martinez a guaranteed, four-year, $50 million-plus contract after the 2004 season.

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  1. Ogie Oglethorpe

    17 years ago

    It is funny how the local sports media personalities that held the Sox feet to the fire over letting Pedro go will suddenly develope a case of amnesia. No credit will be given to the Sox braintrust on this decision.


  2. miles44

    17 years ago

    Did you see Buster Olney’s offseason preview in ESPN the Magazine? The two GMs on the hot seat:

    1) The historically inept Jim Hendry, who has overseen bad teams even by Cubs standards, and helped ruin some of best young arms of our generation.
    2) Theo.


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