The 2004 Red Sox made me sit through an act of truly atrocious musical theater

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Last night, I used a pair of free tickets to the musical version of “High Fidelity.” I feared this would probably be a mistake; it’s rare enough when the movie version of a good book is well done. Two decent spinoffs was a major longshot.

I would have walked out after the first ten minutes — it was truly that bad — but for some reason I got kind of stuck on Justin Brill, who played one of the show’s peripheral characters. It wasn’t until the first act’s last song that it hit me: Brill, with straight hair and a scruffy beard, was a dead ringer for one of my favorite characters from the ’04 Sox: never-nervous Curtis. I love that guy. And in this time of thanks, I’m sure as hell thankful for Leskanic’s 1.1 innings of 1-hit ball to close out Game 4 of the ALCS. Curtis, you deserve that W.

Anyway. I still made it in time to catch most of The Wedding Crashers on HBO.

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    17 years ago

    Just wanted to echo the sentiment about Leskanic. I also thought he was one of the great stories-within-the story with those 4 big outs he got after getting rocked in game 3. I guess the unfortunate thing was that after game 4 his arm was finished. Great way to end a career, though. The people that made the 2004 DVD set must also have liked Leskanic because in the series of video clips that start off each tape his is the first face you see.


  2. benschon

    17 years ago

    Ugh. In 2004, I had to endure this at Safeco field in Seattle. I’d rather subject myself to “High Fidelity, The Musical” than what I saw that night.

    Curtis “The Mechanic” Leskanic’s 1/3 of an inning masterpiece in that one consisted of: walk, single, sacrifice (Ichiro, natch), intentional walk, walk-off grand slam by Bret Boone and his stupid frosted hair.

    I suppose it made the World Series that much sweeter.

    Mary: Well, the only other thing at the moment is a new musical that the RSC are doing.

    Dexter: Er, what’s it about?

    Mary: “The Elephant Man.”

    Dexter: A musical of “The Elephant Man”? What’s it called?

    Mary: “Elephant!”, I think – with an exclamation mark presumably.

    Dexter: Pity the poor bastard who has to play the elephant.

    Mary: Remember dearest, everyone thought “Jesus Christ Superstar” was a stupid idea.

    Dexter: “Jesus Christ Superstar” WAS a stupid idea.

    Mary: True.


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