Look, I said it was just speculation

December 2nd, 2006 → 12:41 pm @ // No Comments

After all that huffing and puffing, it turns out the Sox didn’t offer Trot Nixon arbitration.

This annoys me. Not the fact that the Sox didn’t extend the offer (which would have tied the team to paying Nixon whatever an arbitrator decided he was worth), but because Nixon almost certainly would have gotten in the range of last year’s $7 million salary…which is far more than he’s been worth of late. (Would you pay Gabe Kapler $7 million bucks a year?) Offering arbitration to Keith Foulke, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense: Foulke wouldn’t get much more (if any more) than the $3.75 mil he already turned down…and he only get a one-year deal. So the Sox are basically guaranteed of another draft pick.

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  1. V06

    17 years ago

    Gabe Kapler may find someone to pay him $7 million per year, but it wouldn’t be to play baseball. Some television network really should talk to him about doing baseball commentary. If an idiot like Steve Lyons can get a job on tv, then Kapler could.

    In any interview I’ve ever seen Kapler give, he’s been extremely articulate and intelligent sounding. He’s always deflected the steroid rumors convincingly. He’s charismatic too. My wife said she’d watch him even if he said stupid,inane stuff like Johnny Damon or Kevin Millar habituatally did.


  2. rog

    17 years ago

    Most baseball ‘fans’ are unclear on the concept. The business of baseball has gotten, probably, too complicated for the casual viewer. Offering arbitration to a bunch of guys who wont be back is a great idea, considering how good this ownership is at drafting amateur players. Trot would’ve gotten paid too much via arbitration but since the free agent rules have changed to the team’s advantage this off-season, Trot might choose to come back at a much lower price anytime between now and Spring ’07. Good all-around moves by the Sox. It’s only frustrating that sites like Boston Dirt Dogs are so unclear on the concept.


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