There’s some obvious joke here about great minds, etc etc

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“With Curt Schilling in danger of being supplanted as the team’s top pitcher by Dice-K, Schill pulled a Pedro and picked up the gun #45 had pointed at the Sox’s front office before the ‘04 season.”
Me, February 1, 2007

“And now that the Big Lug is back in the news again — putting a gun to the head of the Red Sox and telling them they must extend his contract before the season starts or risk losing him to free agency…”
Dan Shaughnessy, February 2, 2007

Thanks, Dan. I always knew you were secretly reading my work. (Speaking of Shaughnessy, here’s an early way to tell if the Sox’s 07 season is going to be a bust: make sure to read his columns the last week of June.)

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2 Comments → “There’s some obvious joke here about great minds, etc etc”

  1. MarshallDog

    17 years ago

    Jeez, does this man ever do anything but demonstrate what a hack he is?


    • Tony

      12 years ago

      This Mnookin character is a joke! He’s obviously benn paid out or brainwashed by multi-nationals hahahahaha…too many sheep in this world Seth!


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