The Sox and the Bruins, dragging down the locals

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Boston’s four pro sports teams–the Sox (11-3), Pats (11-0), C’s (20-2), and Bruins (18-11-3)–are a combined 60-19-3 since October 1, which is good for a .732 winning percentage. Take the B’s out of the equation and the three first place teams are a combined 42-5, which is good for approximately 9 wins for every 10 games. Back in 1986, I remember thinking that Boston had had a pretty decent year–the Sox and Pats both played for the championship and the Celts won their 2nd title in 3 years. Let’s see how this year ends up…

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  1. Mr. Furious

    16 years ago

    I remember a t-shirt I had at the time…

    Home of Champions”

    (logo for each team)
    Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots

    Of course the Sox and Pats were being lauded for AL and AFC Championships, respectively…


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