New comments policy

April 15th, 2007 → 10:21 am @

A number of people have been writing in asking about the possibility of an approved “white list” — perhaps not the best term when we’re celebrating Jackie Robinson breaking baseball’s color barrier, but there you go — whereby previously approved readers can post comments without waiting for them to be cleared by me. So let’s try something along those lines. As of right now, commenters must have signed on with a screen name, as has always been the case; they’ll also need to have a previously approved comment. Beyond that, they won’t be held for moderation. New users will have their comments posted as well; they’ll just need to wait for me to clear them for takeoff.With this comes a new, stricter disciplinary measures: posters will no longer be warned the first time they test positive — from here on out, if you post something that gets dinged because it’s hateful, or racist, or sexist, or gratuitously offensive, or whatever, that’s it: you’re gone. For good. Or: Imus wouldn’t have had a week to flail around like a beached whale before getting canned if his only job had been posting on my blog. (Of course, nobody would have cared if he’d only been posting on my blog.)

Got it? Good. Any questions, etc., can be posted in the comments section below…

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Say your piece and get out

December 2nd, 2006 → 8:18 pm @

A quick note: we’ve had a lot of new people sign up on the site recently — which, believe me, is something I’m very grateful for, especially if you all are buying copies of the book. (Have I mentioned it makes a great holiday gift? It goes great with a personalized book plate.) So a quick reminder is in order: let’s keep the personal attacks — on players, or writers, on front office personnel — to a minimum. (And by minimum I mean to zero.) Bring on the constructive criticism. Bring on the fiesty debates. Don’t bring on the “so-and-so is a stupid worthless whore.”

So…if you post a comment and don’t see it go up on the site in some reasonable amount of time, don’t take it personally; I get emotional, too. And feel free to add something else to the discussion.

With that: onward! On Manny, on J.D., on Peavy and Nixon! Let the fun begin!

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Tonight, I’m cleaning out my comments: part 2

August 24th, 2006 → 11:41 pm @

I prefer erring on the side of allowing more opinions to be heard as opposed to fewer, but I’m increasingly going to need to edit — and by edit I mean delete — some of the comments. Personal attacks directed at me are fine (until they become redundant); personal attacks directed at others — players, managers, members of the front office, reporters, columnists, old babysitters — are not. I welcome any constructive criticism, but I’m going to need to keep a cap on unmitigated insults. So, for example, “I find myself increasingly frustrated by Mike Timlin’s proclivity to allowing inherited runners to score and I think the Red Sox should consider using someone else as a set-up man” is a-okay; “Mike Timlin is a puss-sucking prick and the mere sight of his face makes me want to puke” is not.

If you post a comment and it doesn’t show up, don’t take it personally; there’s lot of stuff of my own that I end up deleting. If there’s something I find particularly upsetting, I’ll let you know; if you have a question about why a particular comment got edited, let me know. Some guaranteed ways to hear from me: race baiting (or racism), homophobia, sexism, making fun of Peter Gabriel-era Genesis. For any of these things, I’ll warn you once; after that, you’re off the board. Except for making fun of Genesis: there won’t be any warnings for that.

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Tonight, I’m cleaning out my comments

August 21st, 2006 → 4:06 pm @

Emotions are running high these days — which I certainly understand — but let’s not have the comments section here turn into a flame war. Once you’ve made your point, leave it at that. I’ve posted almost everything people have written in, but I’m going to get a little more selective. Insulting me is fine. Racist, sexist, homophobic, or hateful comments are not, and repeating yourself ad infinitum will no longer be, either.

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