Tonight, I’m cleaning out my comments: part 2

August 24th, 2006 → 11:41 pm @

I prefer erring on the side of allowing more opinions to be heard as opposed to fewer, but I’m increasingly going to need to edit — and by edit I mean delete — some of the comments. Personal attacks directed at me are fine (until they become redundant); personal attacks directed at others — players, managers, members of the front office, reporters, columnists, old babysitters — are not. I welcome any constructive criticism, but I’m going to need to keep a cap on unmitigated insults. So, for example, “I find myself increasingly frustrated by Mike Timlin’s proclivity to allowing inherited runners to score and I think the Red Sox should consider using someone else as a set-up man” is a-okay; “Mike Timlin is a puss-sucking prick and the mere sight of his face makes me want to puke” is not.

If you post a comment and it doesn’t show up, don’t take it personally; there’s lot of stuff of my own that I end up deleting. If there’s something I find particularly upsetting, I’ll let you know; if you have a question about why a particular comment got edited, let me know. Some guaranteed ways to hear from me: race baiting (or racism), homophobia, sexism, making fun of Peter Gabriel-era Genesis. For any of these things, I’ll warn you once; after that, you’re off the board. Except for making fun of Genesis: there won’t be any warnings for that.

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