They’re not the best at what they do…

July 24th, 2007 → 10:16 am @

Because obsessives tend to be somewhat catholic about their obsessions…here’s some great Dead-related stuff I’ve stumbled upon. The band has been reworking its website; one of the new features is The Taper’s Section where, every Monday, music from shows played during that week is posted/discussed. About 2/3 of the band’s 2,400 shows are represented. You can sign up for the RSS Feed and, best of all, everything that’s posted is downloadable. This week’s selections include a handful of ’74 cuts, the first no-CA shows in the band’s history (Vancouver, ’66), and a fairly insane Cold Rain-Sampson from Red Rocks, ’82.

For all of you non-Dead Heads out there, commence mocking me…now.

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