Tony Romo: A singer in a smokey room

March 8th, 2007 → 3:47 pm @

I’ve been looking at wedding bands, and what I really want is either a Journey cover band or an ’80s cover band. They’re harder to find than you might think. Sure, Stickerbook, an all-girl band that plays saws and mouth-harps, does a pretty awesome version of Don’t Stop Believing, and the Boston-based Fast Times (warning: this website is both loud and annoying) does a mean version of Hungry Like the Wolf. (Little known fact: Toddler, the band I played in right after college, also did a mean version of said song, if, that is, your definition of “mean” is “emo-core.” There are no extant recordings of this. I think that’s best for everyone involved.)

Anyway. This post actually has nothing to do with wedding bands, but it’s difficult to think of a good way to introduce a clip of Cowboys QB Tony Romo and Saved by the Bell’s Dennis Haskins joining California’s Metal Skool (website’s official title: “rock your balls off” — and they’re available for Bar Mitzvahs and birthday parties) on stage for a cover of Don’t Stop Believing (warning: there are copious swears in this clip). Suffice to say it’s better than Stickerbook’s rendition. (And no, I won’t make any jokes about how Romo handles a mike better than he does a snap.)

Any mention of Journey also gives me a chance to link to the still-hysterical “What Would Journey Do?” piece than ran about a decade ago. Read it. You’ll learn something.

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