(Yawn! Stretch!) Did I miss anything?

February 15th, 2007 → 2:48 pm @

It’s true: I haven’t posted in a week, which is by far my largest absence from the Interweb since I started blogging back in June. Sadly, I don’t have any great excuse: I haven’t been in Washington blogging the Libby trial; I haven’t been getting laid off by the Globe; I haven’t been obsessively chronicling Dice-K’s every long toss; and I haven’t been fomenting Mariano’s discontent.

My days have been spent on much more pedestrian tasks: scrambling to deal with the one-two punch of Valentine’s Day and the pre-wife’s birthday, and trying to buy a place to live in the ulcer-inducing New York City real estate market. (I’ve also been taking full advantage of the latest medical breakthroughs and treating myself to a minimum of one nap per afternoon.) Oh, I’ve also been making a thus-far less-than-impressive effort to, um, what do they call that? Ah yes: work.

There’s also the little matter of there being almost nothing to write about. Yes, Lefty Lenny has decamped for California, but really, all that means is that the last member of this illustrious crew has finally has left town. J.D.’s finally on the 40-man and the beginning of several weeks of non-news out of Fort Myers has begun (the Globe is actually running a hacked version of Google Maps that marks “attractions” and “Globe picks.” I’ve been to Fort Myers. There’s no such thing as a Fort Myers attraction.)

So. I’ll make every effort to be more diligent. But if I’m going to try to stick to my “don’t open my mouth unless I have something to say” policy (as well as my temporary hiatus from Chass-ville on my heart doctor’s orders), I’m going to need some more material to work with…

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