Radio/review wrap-up

January 11th, 2011 → 12:30 pm @

* This morning, I talked with CNN’s T.J. Holmes on American Morning; here’s the video.

* Also this morning, The Wall Street Journal‘s Katherine Hobson ran a Q&A with me on the paper’s health blog.

* On Sunday, I was on NPR’s Weekend “All Things Considered” with Guy Raz. Raz is exceedingly astute interviewer — but even if you have no interest in hearing me, it’s worth listening to the first several minutes of the segment, in which Raz interviews a remarkable woman named Kelly Lacek, whose story starts out The Panic Virus. (more…)

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“The Autism Vaccine Hoax”

January 9th, 2011 → 1:40 pm @

The Wall Street Journal‘s editorial page has, over the years, been refreshingly outspoken on the subject of vaccines and autism. On December 29, 2003, it published a piece titled “The Politics of Autism” that took an unusually definitive stand on an issue about which most of the media was presenting as an “on the one hand, on the other hand” debate: (more…)

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WSJ on The Panic Virus: “Should be required reading at every medical school in the world.”

January 8th, 2011 → 3:22 pm @

Michael Shermer has devoted his life to truth-seeking and fact-finding, and his work has long been an inspiration to me. In addition to being the founder of Skeptic magazine,, and The Skeptics Society and he writes a regular column for Scientific American and is a frequent blogger. The range and scope of Shermer’s work and interests is awesome, in the old-school sense of the word. (Here’s a sampling of some of the past speakers at the Skeptics Society’s lecture series at Caltech: Richard Dawkins, Leonard Mlodinow, Barbara Ehrenreich, Carl Zimmer, Alison Gopnik, Stephen Jay Gould, Stephen Pinker, and Daniel Dennett.)

Shermer reviewed The Panic Virus in the January 8 edition of The Wall Street Journal. It is an incredibly generous and humbling review: (more…)

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