I know they won the game; I want to know if he liked the book

July 26th, 2006 → 6:15 am @

“OAKLAND, Calif. — While it was Curt Schilling who could be found on a clubhouse sofa before last night’s game reading the book, ‘Feeding the Monster,’ it might have been more appropriate reading material for the kid pitching for the Oakland Athletics, the one just two years out of college whose second big-league start placed him at the mercy of Manny Ramírez and the Red Sox.”

“Sox show muscle, Red hot bats help Schilling win 13th”
The Boston Globe
July 26, 2006

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Department of self promotion

July 20th, 2006 → 11:23 pm @

Publishers Weekly‘s best-seller list for last week just came out. Feeding the Monster is ninth on the non-fiction list, below two books about dogs. (But above Anderson Cooper, John Stossel, and Tim Russert. That’s what you guys get for putting your pictures on the cover.) (July 21 edit: It also entered the Wall Street Journal non-fiction best-seller list this week, at number 10.)

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Well, the “upset some people” definitely seems to be true

July 12th, 2006 → 6:41 pm @

Michael Holley: “Terry, Seth Mnookin has a new book where he talks about a number of things regarding the Red Sox and one of the things, when you first met Manny Ramirez he refused to shake your hand and cursed you.”

Terry Francona: “Well I haven’t seen the book yet…but I do know a couple of things, where maybe I’m in it or something. Unfortunately I think he took some information maybe he thought he was privvy to and didn’t get it quite right. The thing with Manny, the first time I met him, it wasn’t the cursing or anything like that….from what I undertstand, I don’t think [Mnookin’s] done the best job conveying the hard core truth, and I think he’s probably upset some people.”

— Terry Francona on The Dale and Holley Show, WEEI, July 12, 2006

“His introduction to Terry Francona, his new manager, wasn’t much better. When Francona first saw the star at spring training, the manager stuck out his hand to introduce himself. Ramirez responded by swearing at him as well, and proceeded to skip the start of the first team meeting of the spring.”
Feeding the Monster, page 267

“A few stories Terry Francona never told as he was guiding the Red Sox to their first world championship since the inventions of traffic signals, frozen food, and bubble gum:
* The moment Francona first extended his hand in spring training to Manny Ramirez, the slugger verbally lashed out at the new manager, then briefly boycotted the first team meeting. Ramirez apparently needed to vent about the front office placing him on irrevocable waivers and switching managers over the winter.”
— “Francona Kept Sox’ Snags Sewn Up,” Bob Hohler, Boston Globe, January 2, 2005, page E1.

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Really? That’s kind of awesome.

July 11th, 2006 → 10:43 pm @

From today’s Globe: “The Bosox brass haven’t commented on the book but did send out an e-mail instructing Fenway folks to be ‘dismissive’ of its claims.” (Any “Fenway folks” want to send along a copy of said email? I’m at monsterfeedback@gmail.com.)

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