Notes from Atlanta

June 19th, 2006 → 1:37 am @ // No Comments

* Braves fans are pathetic. After 14-straight division titles, this is a city that deserves to have a baseball team that sucks.

* Did Brian Runge, the homeplate umpire in Sunday’s game, remind anyone else of Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun 2 1/2? Man, did Runge get a kick out of ringing guys up.

* If Jonathan Papelbon isn’t cast as a stone-cold killer in a teen-slasher movie, Hollywood is missing out on an amazing opportunity.

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  1. Enrico Palazzo

    18 years ago

    Runge as Nielsen (as umpire/singer)? Perhaps. But it was the original flick where Nielsen was calling balls and strikes, no?


  2. Johnny Sevier

    18 years ago

    You are damn right about Braves fans. How about that curtain call for Francoeur? (Taking a page from Yankee fan’s book.) The morons were celebrating victory in the seventh.


  3. Nordberg

    18 years ago

    There appeared to be almost as many Red Sox fans as Braves fans in the stands. I know the Red Sox travel well in terms of fans and last year had the best road attendance in baseball. But this type of balance in a city that has 14 straight division titles? There are THAT many tickets available? Nuff said.


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