Um, Julian? The fans aren’t so much booing the team as they’re specifically booing you. (And FYI: nobody was saying ‘Good job, Julian.’)

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“Boo. It kind of sucks, huh? We’re in first place and your fans are still booing. `You suck. Boo.’ It’s unbelievable. I got used to it. Every time I go on the field to pitch and for BP. It’s OK. They pay for the tickets. They can say whatever they want to say.”
— Julian Tavarez, the proud owner of a 5.17 ERA, wondering why he’s getting booed at Fenway. (Tavarez picked up a gift-wrapped win in yesterday’s 11-inning, 7-6 Red Sox victory.)

“Everybody says, `Good job, Julian.’ I say good job to Manny and Ortiz. Manny won the game by making that throw home and Ortiz got the base hit.”
— Julian Tavarez, later in the same post-game interview.

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