Federal judge to MLB: There is a limit to your money grubbing

August 9th, 2006 → 8:44 am @ // No Comments

Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the Internet arm of MLB, was formed in 2000 almost as an afterthough; today, its estimated worth is about $2.5 billion, more than the value of the Red Sox and the Yankees combined. But Bud Selig et al didn’t feel that was quite enough, and wanted fantasy leagues to pay licensing fees to use players’ stats.

Yesterday, a federal judge told MLB to chill it out with their “more more more” act. Do you think baseball’s next argument will be a Sprewell-esque “we’ve got our families to feed”? Or perhaps they’ll take a page from the Johnny Damon playbook, with Selig claiming that he’s bought a house he can’t afford?

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  1. yerfatma

    17 years ago

    It seems amazing a sport that did get the video thing right is so upside-down on this. Why not embrace fantasy sports and stats and offer subscription feeds to a well-built query engine?


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