Jon Lester diagnosed with large cell lymphoma

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For Immediate Release
September 1, 2006

BOSTON, MA–The Lester family has asked the Red Sox to release the following statement:

“Jon Lester has been diagnosed with a treatable form of anaplastic large cell lymphoma and will begin treatment within the coming week.

Jon and his family wish to thank all those involved in his care at Massachusetts General Hospital. Our gratitude also extends to the Red Sox organization which has provided Jon and his family much needed support during this ordeal.

We ask that you respect our need for privacy during this difficult time.”

(Here’s a link to a Children’s Hospital fact sheet about large cell lymphoma.)

EDIT: If people want to post their thoughts for Lester in the comments section, I’ll do my best to forward them on to the appropriate parties.

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  1. vapodge

    17 years ago

    Life’s pretty messed up when you contract this crap before you have to shave regularly. Kick it, Jon, kick it like you did the ‘h’ in your name.
    Season’s done, fine. Let’s just be healthy, alright?


  2. hynes

    17 years ago

    My thoughts and prayer are with Jon & family in this time. Such an unfortunate thing to happen to anyone.


  3. Nordberg

    17 years ago

    Jon Lester is a lucky man.
    Of all the places to be diagnosed with cancer, he’s in Boston, a member of the Red Sox.
    He’s young, which immensely helps his chances for a full recovery.
    He’s a professional athlete in great physical condition, which also will help his ability to recover.
    They caught the cancer early, we’re told.
    That car accident might have helped doctors find the cancer sonner than they otherwise would have.
    Medically speaking, there’s not a better city to be in for cancer treatment.
    And he’s a member of the Red Sox, which means millions of people care about him and will be praying for him to make a full recovery.
    That includes me, Jon. Get well soon.


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