My playoff wish-list picks, based on nothing other than pure emotion

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What’s been missing in your life? That’s right: my totally unfounded, purely emotional picks for the playoffs. Here they are:

This is a tough one. I’ve been pulling for managers instead of teams recently, and on the whole I think Ken Macha is a dolt; I also like Leyland. However, I do like Billy Beane a lot, and feel kind of sorry for the A’s — all that playoff futility can get old quick (just ask the Yankees). Mark Kotsay was one of the nicest guys I met last year; Jay Payton was one of the biggest dicks. As far as Detroit goes, I’ve hated Pudge ever since he stole the ’99 MVP Award from Pedro. (Oh, and George King? Fuck you.) But Magglio has one of the best under-the-helmet afro-mullets imaginable, it’s hard not to love a guy who can throw 103 MPH (and doesn’t always know where the ball’s going), and there’s the whole ALDS thing. So I’m going for the Tigers in seven…based on nothing other than what I want.

This one isn’t so hard. The factors pulling me towards St. Louis are: my many friends who are Cards fans; the fact that my father grew up in Missouri (although on the KC side); the way St. Louis fans always stay classy. The factor pulling me away is Tony LaRussa. I can’t stand the man.

With the Mets, I also have many close friends who are fans (including my publisher…and who else really matters?). There’s the Pedro factor — the only way I could root against the man is if he was wearing pinstripes — and there’s something undeniably appealing about the way Omar Minaya has managed to convince the world that his impressive collection of boneheaded moves (paying $43 million for a 35-year-old closer; paying $52 million for a 34-year-old pitcher with a lengthy history of physical problems) qualifies him as a certified genius.

So I’m going for the Mets in a sweep; it’d only be fitting that LaRussa, who’s been swept twice in the World Series already, get swept out of the playoffs once again.

World Series

Cardinals versus Tigers
That’s easy: a Tigers sweep

Cardinals versus A’s
Also easy: A’s in a sweep. This would be doubly satisfying because of LaRussa’s history with the A’s.

Mets versus Tigers
The toughest one to call. I’m an AL guy; plus, there’s a chance Leyland will make out with the first guy he sees, so I have to go with the Tigers in 7.

Mets versus A’s
I’m going with the Mets. It’ll make those people in New York who can’t stand the Yankees happy, we’ll get to see Pedro dance on the field, and David Wright can continue his assault on Derek Jeter’s mantle as the most overrated player in baseball.

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4 Comments → “My playoff wish-list picks, based on nothing other than pure emotion”

  1. Mr. Furious

    17 years ago

    I agree with pretty much all your rationales. Being in Michigan for the last five years, the Tigers are my adopted team, and it has been a great ride this year. I am pulling for them in all possible scenarios.

    For years, I refused to acknowledge Ivan Rodriguez as “Pudge.” There’s only one Pudge. That punk catcher in Texas was always “Fake Pudge.” I’ve relented since he arrived in Detroit simply because I got tired of explaining it.


  2. Hikeeba

    17 years ago

    Ditto about George King! Does that biased hypocritical sack of Yankee-doo still get to vote? And if so, how?!


  3. branatical

    17 years ago

    let’s hear those off season wishes seth…

    here are a few of mine…

    we’re a few weeks into the offseason now, at least as red sox fans we are, personally, i want manny back … i was over his antics by the end of this season but now i changed my mind … new season, carte blanche … let big papi and manny continue their reign of being the most dominant 3-4 combo in history … and build around them and build big (andruw jones or carlos lee batting 5th) – seriously, what are we going to get in return for manny? morgan ensberg and brad lidge? i couldn’t think of a worse scenario, i would rather have rudy seanez closing, but seriously, whatever trade manny is involved in won’t be worth it, he’s invaluable and we all love to love him plus it’s only 2 more years, i think all parties can handle 2 more years

    i say don’t overpay for matszuzaka but definitely bid on him if only to jack up his price so the yankees overpay, my gut tells me he can’t hang in mlb, especially not in boston or nyc … it’s crazy to pay 100million for an unproven commodity…

    we need starting pitching, go after dontrelle, try and pry him loose, give up a lot, what he’ll bring for years to come will be worth it .. plus it’s the roas less travelled, everyone’s going after zito and schmidt, why bother paying too much for these guys.


  4. Ogie Oglethorpe

    17 years ago

    Can you elaborate on the Jay Payton comment? Is your impression solely because he shot his way out of town or is he just an unlikable guy in general? I think back to that time and wonder what we could have done last off-season if Theo had just exercised his option (which was for short money). There would have been no highly publicized pursuit of Crisp and in turn no Shapiro holding him for ransom. We’d still have Marte as a trading chip or have spun him for something else. Personally, I think Marte will be good not great. Otherwise I just can’t see why the Braves AND Sox were willing to part with such a highly touted prospect unless they had reservations on how his skill would project in the MLB. Then they could have Ellsbury penciled in as the starting CF this upcoming season.


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