She sure as hell blew her cover on that one

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“And then there is the matter of which friends to include and which to leave out — a problem that plagued Nancy Pinckert, and her husband, Byron, 56, both architects, when they chose nine people to join them last month for a luxurious three-night hotel stay at the Calistoga Ranch in the Napa Valley, complete with minibus transportation to wine and olive-oil tastings and dinner at the French Laundry in Yountville, Calif.

Ms. Pinckert, whose 50th birthday the trip celebrated, said she was careful not to mention it to friends she didn’t invite. ‘We thought about explaining why we couldn’t ask them,’ she said. ‘But no matter how you try to position it, people feel rejected.'”

— “A Deluxe Vacation, Your Friends Included
by Shivani Vora
The New York Times
October 26, 2006

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  1. deversm

    17 years ago

    Mrs. Pinckert continued, “Also, I’m having a torrid affair with Byron’s golf buddy, Fred Garvin. So I had to tiptoe around the fact that he was invited, but not his wife, with both Byron and Mildred Garvin. To be honest, there were some awkward moments.”


  2. KeeferD420

    17 years ago

    She should be a frontrunner for a Darwin award.
    What a tool!


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