Look, over there! On Deadspin! Or: about last night

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No, I haven’t fallen into a stupor after last night’s King Felix-Dice K match up; I spent the day on the Acela, heading back home (yes, to New York). Also, the brilliant Will Leitch, the man behind Deadspin, asked me to do a write up for him. And anyone who’s ever seen Will knows he’s a hard man to turn down.

So without further ado, here it is. Read all about the flash-bulby brilliance of April 11th, why Manny’s pathetic “on slugging percentage” means he should be jettisoned, and why Felix Hernandez will end the season with an ERA+ of infinity.

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  1. sonomasox

    17 years ago

    The comments you get over on Deadspin are akin to the treatment Renteria got in his year and you’re not even a first timer at the blog. The Fenway “faithful” are tough but some of those comments rank up there.

    I was at the 21-9 playoff game against Cleveland in ’99. I remember being up something like 14-3 and the Sox went through 4 pitchers in the 5th or 6th. The tribe closed it to 14-7 and it felt like at a funeral. The whole place went all this is the apocalypse, accept it silently. Of course, the bottom of the inning resulted in 3 or 4 more runs and we were all back at the carnival. The suffocating psychosis of fandom is tough.

    I don’t even read the comments. I’ve learned my lesson — when people comment on places like Deadspin (or even Slate), for whatever reason they tend to me more vitriolic than you might expect. But I can imagine. I’m sure there are plenty of quips about my name, also…

    — Seth


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