Schilling Mojo: ‘This is about winning the World Series,’ redux

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I’ve been criticized as of late for not posting with the frequency that you’d imagine the post-season would necessitate…and understandably so. Believe me, it hurts me more than it hurts you. Presently, I’m in San Francisco for a two-part wedding: this morning was the Sikh ceremony; the Hindu part of today’s festivities begins in about an hour. (The fact that I’m here and not in Boston should give some sense of how much I care about said couple.)

To make up for it, here’s a look back at one of the Sneak Peeks I ran back before Feeding the Monster was published. (You know – the bestselling book about the Red Sox. You can buy a copy from Amazon for $10.20 – cheap! – and request a personalized, signed bookplate all in a couple of seconds.) This one details the day after Thanksgiving 2003, when Theo et al were negotiating with Schilling in an effort to convince one of the best postseason pitchers in the history of the game to sign in Boston. The two sides were discussing sundry bonuses…when Curt reminded everyone what this whole thing is all about.

You can read the rest for yourself. I don’t want to spoil the ending. Now, on to Game 6…

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  1. tinisoli

    16 years ago

    Weird game, with some assists from Fenway’s architecture. Garko’s shot off the monster would’ve been gone in most parks, and then Guittierez’s hit down the third base line bounces out thanks to that angle and the coach is compelled to hold up Manny. Fenway giveth and taketh away, of course, but tonight it’s worked in our favor. So far.

    And really, isn’t it amazing how things really do just happen around Ellsbury. That was a playable ball, but Blake flubbed it. Was it the speed that made him misplay that ball? In any event, this kid is…


    Another assist from the Monstuh!


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