Do your part to help the nation

October 27th, 2007 → 1:17 pm @ // No Comments

If you’re looking to drop some cash but don’t want to shell out $15 bucks for the Official MLB World Series program (which, granted, is not worth it, although they get one thing right when they give a nod to FTM as one of the five books that’ll help you get through the boredom of the offseason), check out Somerville artist Chris Speakman’s selection of WW II-era Sox propoganda prints. Unfortunately, a good number of them are sold out; hopefully increased demand will change that. (Thanks to this Globe article for the tip.)

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  1. Arttung

    16 years ago

    Hey, Seth, I’ve already got a bookplated *Monster*, and I’m loving it! What are the other four books?


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