Book publishing, 101

May 19th, 2008 → 9:50 am @

Most of the time, I’m of the feeling there should be a constitutional amendment barring the dissemination of videos online.

I’m going to make an exception, however, because I think this video posted by author Dennis Cass may very well be the funniest piece of book-publishing related satire I have ever seen. It’s also the first piece of advertising, viral or not, that actually made me go out and buy a book…which, by all appearances–manic depression, AADD, writer’s block, and the like–looks to be right up my alley. Anyone who hasn’t been involved at all in the publishing “business” but is in the very least bit curious should check this out. For anyone involved in publishing, this will likely make you spit up your coffee.

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Filling the void: How the Sox got their groove back

March 26th, 2007 → 11:25 am @

Yes, baseball season is (almost) upon us, which means, of course, a glut of all things Red Sox-related. And if Boston needs anything, it’s more commentary about the team…and I’m here to fill the void. Specifically, I wrote a piece for this month’s Boston Magazine — the one with Big Papi’s smiling mug on the cover — about how the Sox, um, got their groove back. (Note: writers to do not get to write their own headlines.) (Another note: props to reader djarm18 for the story link; for some reason I couldn’t find it online earlier.)
So: go pick it up. You’ll get an excerpt from the Papi/Tony Maz book, which I haven’t read yet, but hey, it’s Papi, so I’m sure it’s worth at least checking out. And feel free to tell me what you think in the comments. I’m ready for the abuse…

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