Don’t hold your breath for the Chicago Defender correction on this one

December 2nd, 2006 → 12:31 pm @

Among Michael Richards’s many other problems, he seems to have absolutely no idea about his religious identity. Back on November 21, Roland Martin, the extremely temperate editor of the Chicago Defender, provided the highlight of a ridiculous CNN segment when he said that if Richards had lived 50 years ago he would have found himself in an oven…the assumption being that that frizzy-haired ol’ lug was a Jew boy. One of Martin’s guest’s explained that, appearances to the contrary, Richards was not a Yid; a couple of days later, the Defender got to the bottom of the whole issue with a piece that said Richards is, in fact, Jewish.

Or, as it turns out, not: as Richards’s pr guru admitted to the Post, Richards has exactly zero Jewish roots. But that’s okay: he “thinks” he’s Jewish.

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