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August 31st, 2006 → 11:01 pm @

Reverse lock, indeed: Cy Young candidate Roy Halliday looking for his baseball-leading 17th win versus Julian Tavarez, starting for the first time in four years. Yeah, that’s pretty much an automatic win. After all, the Sox have Alex Cora (offensive powerhouse), Dustin Pedroia (defensive whiz), Bryan Corey (relief stopper). About the only thing that didn’t make any sense about tonight’s game was Papelbon notching his 35th save. Dirty water, indeed.

(You so totally know that if this had been last week, not only would Rios have caught Cora’s ball but somehow Pedroia and Cora would have both ended up in a heap on the field with multiple concussions after somehow running into each other on the basepaths.)

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