I guess I would have written it too…

April 20th, 2007 → 12:11 pm @

I’m not sure if this explains the Michael Lewis “Jock Exchange” piece or means it’s even more frustrating that there’s still so much A’s material in there…but there are rumors (via Gawker via Dealbreaker) that Lewis is making $12 a word(!) for his Portfolio stories. By that count, this post would net me a bit less than $1,500, and I’d have made somewhere north of a million bucks off of this blog. Instead, I’m paying for the server space.* If that figure is anywhere near accurate, one thing’s for sure: he’s a lot smarter than I am about monetizing his labor.

Update: According to any number of people who’re in a position to know, that figure isn’t anywhere remotely close to being accurate. Which makes me feel better. Or at least like less of a chump.**

* After two months, I took down the Google AdSense ads from the sidebar; they netted me a total of $15.79.

** I should know better than to think that anonymously posted comments put up in a blog have even the slightest relationship to reality. Actually, I do know better. Oh well.

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