Timlin’s right: it is the offense.

August 19th, 2006 → 10:08 am @

“We’ve been throwing the ball really well,” Timlin said. “I’m not calling anybody out, but we haven’t scored a whole lot. We’re pitching well, we’re holding teams down, and they’re doing the same to us.” — Mike Timlin, August 15, 2006

He has a point: last night, the Sox only scored 10 runs. And Timlin? In 2/3’s of an inning, he allowed three inherited runners to score, coughed up four more of his own, and turned a 10-7 lead into a 14-10 deficit. Timlin got the loss, but really, it probably should have gone to Hiske or Pena. They were, after all, the only two Red Sox batters that didn’t have a hit.

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