Meet the new boss, redux: I say yes, I say no

December 16th, 2007 → 12:54 pm @

“This is not a bluff; it’s just reality.”
— Hank Steinbrenner, December 2, 2007, when asked about his “firm deadline” of midnight, December 3, for the Yankees and Twins to complete a deal for Johan Santana.

“No. It’s over. When it’s over, it’s over.”

— Hank Steinbrenner, December 4, 2007, when asked if the Yankees were willing to continue negotiations if the Twins became willing to accept the Yankees final offer.

“We’re still thinking about it. We haven’t ruled it out completely. We’re still considering it. I haven’t closed the door completely on Santana.”
— Hank Steinbrenner, December 14, 2007

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