Go to sleep already

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No, really: go to sleep. Your wives and girlfriends and husbands and MySpace buddies miss you. Here’s all you need to know: JWH’s plane leaves for Boston tomorrow morning (unless it doesn’t); the deal needs to get done by sometime in the AM so Matsu can fly to Boston to take a physical (unless he doesn’t); Dice hasn’t had any direct discussions with the Red Sox (unless he has); and the real reason Andy Pettitte left New York a couple of years ago had nothing to do with…oh, wait: wrong forum. Both the Globe and Herald websites have up to the minute updates about the fact that there’s nothing to update anyone about.

I’ve been through this before. Several times, actually, and each time I tried to convince myself that I absolutely had to sit in front of my computer screen hitting refresh until my finger cramped up and I had to soak it in ice water because of my professional obligation to chronicle every last second of The Story. I was wrong: right now, the story is in a windowless office somewhere. (OK, fine: the Boras Worldwide LTD offices have windows. But I like to imagine it all Death Star-like.) The next news we should care about will either be, yes, we have a deal or fuck, the deadline just passed and now we’re all screwed. Whatever the case, we’ll all be okay taking a few hours off. Even if Theo, et al, can’t sleep, we can. Whatever happens, we’ll all have plenty of time to obsess and discuss.

I promise. Nighty night.

(Obligatory, self-promoting plug: if you really need some tension building material relating to the Red Sox, try this. Oh, and did I mention a signed and personalized copy makes a great gift?)

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  1. ibeatsars

    17 years ago

    I’ve got it! This is my first post, and I’m going to make this one a doozey, sure to turn the world of baseball upside down (and shake it profusely until all of it’s lunch money falls to the ground). So, we can assume that Boras is going to take a 5% cut of whatever deal goes through, let’s say 10 million a year for 6 years, that’s 60 million, and 5% of that is 3 million. So, that plus any extra loot from any weird salary add on’s for Dice-K that Boras may get will give him somewhere in the 3 to 4 million range. Now here is where my idea comes in:

    What if the Evil Empire gave Boras an early phone call promising 5 or 6 mil if the deal falls through. Think about it!!! Boras the wordsmith convinces trusting Daisuke that the Red Sox are low-balling them and that he can get him more money in a few years (which he eventually does, getting the 5 million on TOP of the 5 million bribe money from you know who). Damn Yankees. I can see it now…

    Over and out.


  2. Jack

    17 years ago

    Wait, what was the real reason Pettitte went to Houston?


  3. dansoxfan

    17 years ago

    I just watched the Boras press conference. He says that luxury taxes don’t impact salaries. His example (rough quote): “the Yankees didn’t ask Petite to reduce his salary by the amount of the luxury tax.”

    So the NY Yankees don’t figure in the millions of dollars they will have to pay in luxury taxes in deciding how much to pay players? If they didn’t have to pay the tax, their willingness to pay (the player) wouldn’t go up? I guess Boras wasn’t an economics major in college.


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