Newton North High School: Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in

May 25th, 2008 → 12:23 pm @

This Sunday’s Boston Globe Magazine features, “What are they doing to my high school?”*, a story I wrote about my alma mater, Newton North, which is currently in the process of being ripped down in favor of a brand-spanking new $200 million facility…which means the new building will actually cost more than the Red Sox’s annual payroll.

For those of you worried that the nuances of the article will be over your head if, for instance, you’re unfamiliar with the social topography of North’s “house” system circa the late 1980s, don’t fret – the story includes this handy cheat sheet:

“If The “Breakfast Club” had been set at North, Ally Sheedy would have hung out in Bacon, Molly Ringwald in Riley, Emilio Estevez in Adams, and Anthony Michael Hall in Beals. Despite the mushes’ often violent dislike of the punkers, Judd Nelson could have hung out in either Palmer or Bacon, drugs being, of course, the great equalizer.”

Ah, yes…the joys of pre-“Home Alone” John Hughes movies.

* Warning: the print edition includes a picture of me on prom night.

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