“Seth Mnookin has given us a non-fiction story worthy of Michael Crichton–an absorbing, disturbing and scrupulously researched account of a contagion of human unreason run wild. This time the hysteria was over autism; the next panic virus could be even more dangerous.”
– Jonathan Mahler, author of The Challenge and Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx Is Burning

“Fueled by the web, the deliberate dissemination of disinformation is a feature of our time. Never has there been a greater need for good, honest investigative journalism. Seth Mnookin looks closely at the spurious link between vaccination and autism, and shows us just how dangerous it can be when emotion drives good people to abandon critical thought.”

– Nobel Laureate in Medicine Peter C. Doherty

“This important book should be read by anyone who has a child, cares about public health, or is interested in the state of discourse in 21st-century America. It is a terrific and terrifying call to action.”
– Jonah Lehrer, author of How We Decide

“With rationality and science under siege these days, Seth Mnookin has produced a riveting and important chronicle of one life-and-death realm in which passionate, panicky belief has dangerously trumped reason–and put millions of children at risk.”
– Kurt Andersen, Host, “Studio 360″ and author of Heyday and Reset

“There have been hundreds of recent outbreaks of ailments like whooping cough and measles that we thought would be eradicated by now–and might have been, if not for the anti-vaccine obfuscation. Bravo Seth Mnookin for digging for the truth and telling eloquent stories of what happens when lies, half-truths and self-interest collide with fear.”
– Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and author of Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health

“In plain language, Seth Mnookin provides an excellent narrative and evaluation that helps clarify for readers how and why vaccine controversies have arisen over the years as well as sensible ways for readers to understand the science that supports vaccine usage. Vaccines are the most effective public health measure since clean water.”
– Judith Palfrey, MD, FAAP, professor of pediatrics, Harvard Medical School and author of Child Health in America

“An accomplished journalist, Seth Mnookin takes an objective look at both sides of the vaccine/autism controversy and lands squarely on the side of science. With humor and wit, The Panic Virus examines the often bizarre events that led some families to become distrustful of science and erroneously conclude that vaccines might cause autism. This book will leave you scratching your head in pure amazement that this issue could get so out of hand when the science is so clear.”
– Alison Singer, President, Autism Science Foundation

“Seth Mnookin understood there was something more to the cruelly misled and dangerously misleading vaccines-cause-autism movement than just an unhappy group of parents with a need to blame someone. He saw the connection between this deathless conspiracy theory and the proliferating irrationality of a society that has supersized its information diet while starving its capacity to think straight. For that reason alone–not to mention the deft, often charming characterizations woven into its skillful and fascinating narrative–this is an important, powerful, and bracing book.”
– Arthur Allen, author of Vaccine and Ripe