Radio/review wrap-up

January 11th, 2011 → 12:30 pm @

* This morning, I talked with CNN’s T.J. Holmes on American Morning; here’s the video.

* Also this morning, The Wall Street Journal‘s Katherine Hobson ran a Q&A with me on the paper’s health blog.

* On Sunday, I was on NPR’s Weekend “All Things Considered” with Guy Raz. Raz is exceedingly astute interviewer — but even if you have no interest in hearing me, it’s worth listening to the first several minutes of the segment, in which Raz interviews a remarkable woman named Kelly Lacek, whose story starts out The Panic Virus. (more…)

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The Boston Globe: “Anatomy of a Panic”

January 9th, 2011 → 2:58 pm @

The Boston Globe, the newspaper I grew up reading, ran David Shribman’s review of The Panic Virus in today’s paper: (more…)

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WSJ on The Panic Virus: “Should be required reading at every medical school in the world.”

January 8th, 2011 → 3:22 pm @

Michael Shermer has devoted his life to truth-seeking and fact-finding, and his work has long been an inspiration to me. In addition to being the founder of Skeptic magazine,, and The Skeptics Society and he writes a regular column for Scientific American and is a frequent blogger. The range and scope of Shermer’s work and interests is awesome, in the old-school sense of the word. (Here’s a sampling of some of the past speakers at the Skeptics Society’s lecture series at Caltech: Richard Dawkins, Leonard Mlodinow, Barbara Ehrenreich, Carl Zimmer, Alison Gopnik, Stephen Jay Gould, Stephen Pinker, and Daniel Dennett.)

Shermer reviewed The Panic Virus in the January 8 edition of The Wall Street Journal. It is an incredibly generous and humbling review: (more…)

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Boston Phoenix: Panic Virus a must-see reading of the winter

January 4th, 2011 → 5:50 pm @

On January 24 at 7pm, I’ll be doing a reading at the Harvard Book Store, in Harvard Square — which is particularly poignant for me not only because it’s been my favorite bookstore for the past twenty years but because my brief employment there back in 1998 was a bit, um turbulent. (I hope to see all you Boston folk there.)

Last week The Boston Phoenix‘s Eugenia Williamson listed that reading as one of 13 must-attend book events of the winter. (more…)

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