Manny Ramirez — Best righthanded hitter in the game?

August 6th, 2006 → 9:59 pm @

I’ve been trying to think of a way to divert people from the pain that has been the last week or so for Red Sox fans. Outside the usual bromides — the season is long, good teams have bad spells, bad teams have good spells, etc — I got nothing.

What I can do is point you towards some interesting (and hopefully distracting) work on whether Manny Ramirez is now or has ever been the best right-handed hitter in baseball (or, for that matter, a member of the Communist Party). The guru of graphics known as URISoxFan brings you this, courtesy of Sons of Sam Horn, one of the better virtual barrooms around…and the only one where Jim Morrison would truly get his mojo rising.

(If you’re in need of more diversions, I can heartily recommend Talladega Nights. I might have been able to heartily recommend Miami Vice, except 1. Colin Farrell couldn’t act his way out of a traffic ticket, 2. No Jan Hammer, and 3. No resolution to the MacGuffin. Besides that — and I’m not trying to be all arch and ironic — it’s a pretty decent movie.)

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