The Night of the Gun: Buy this book

July 21st, 2008 → 8:56 am @

It’s late July and humid enough so that my sweat feels like it’s sweating. Perfect time, in other words, to distract yourself with some great book reading. Or magazine reading, as the case might be: take the time to read this excerpt from David Carr‘s about to be published memoir, Night of the Gun. David is a good friend, but even if he wasn’t, Gun is the type of bracingly honest and shockingly well-written book that would make a man jealous if we wasn’t so impressed. Once you start down that wormhole, there’s plenty else to explore, ranging from a rash of press coverage to what is perhaps the best book-related web site I’ve ever seen.

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You mean we need to sit here for five more innings?

June 20th, 2006 → 9:08 pm @

SCENE: The bottom of the fourth inning of the July 20 Red Sox-Nationals game with Boston leading, 8-0.

SETTING: NESN broadcast booth, Fenway park.

* Red Sox color analyst Jerry Remy
* Red Sox play-by-play announcer Don Orsillo
* A three-inch plushy of Red Sox mascot Wally the Green Monster.

Remy: We all have parties–birthday parties, crews go out and have parties. Wally likes to attend those parties and he has a heck of a time, but the next day I’ve got to put up with that. He’s miserable, not feeling well, cause it’s hard if, you know, when he goes out people take care of him.

Orsillo: See, I thought he was all done with that. I thought that was another life for Wally. I thought the whole rehab thing took care of that.

Remy: The thing about it is, he’ll look the same tomorrow, but he won’t feel good.

Orsillo: He’s always gonna be green.


Remy: The women love Wally.

Orsillo: I can see why. They’re only human.
It makes you wonder what Ron Gant would have come up with…

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