Gentlemen, update your resumes…

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Chris Snow began covering the Red Sox fulltime less than a year-and-a-half ago. His first stint with the team came during spring training, which, especially for reporters who’ve been on the beat for a while, can be a slog: the hundreth article on a crusty veteran’s hopes for the coming year, a bunch of plus ca change pieces…and on and on and on. Snow worked the hell out of the job from day one, always looking for different angles and always coming at stories with fresh reporting. In the regular season, during the soul-crushing hours reporters spent idly wandering around the Sox’s clubhouse before and after games, Snow was always politely excusing himself to go buttonhole a player about a story.

Today, the Globe announced that Snow was leaving the paper for a job as the director of hockey operations for the National Hockey League’s Minnesota Wild. At age 24, Snow will be one of the youngest executives in professional sports—but then, he knows all about the pressures of being a young executive.

In hiring Snow, Globe editor Marty Baron showed he wanted young, hungry reporters covering some of the paper’s most important beats. It’ll be interesting to see who ends up filling Snow’s spot: there’s the equally precocious Amalie Benjamin (a Newton North High School alum; go Tigers!), along with all the Herald scribes worried that the city’s tabloid is about to go under. And, of course, there’s Chasing Steinbrenner author Rob Bradford, who’s been cleaning up on the beat this season while toiling away for the Eagle-Tribune and its criminally difficult to navigate website

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  1. Car Ramrod

    18 years ago

    Wait, there’s still an NHL? And a team called the Minnesota Wild? Who knew?


  2. behindthepen

    18 years ago

    isn’t in unbelievable that the Globe has had 3 Sox beat writers in 3 years? As bad as the Globe is, even I’m shocked.
    And you’re right, Bradford needs very badly to get his stuff on the web. If he could manage that I’d almost rather he stayed at the Eagle-Tribune.


  3. Nordberg

    18 years ago

    Globe bad? Compared to what,
    Get real.


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