Broadcasters who do their homework, #2196

July 2nd, 2006 → 3:09 pm @ // No Comments

“You know the other two Red Sox catchers, Doug Mirabellity, Doug Mirabelli and Josh Bard, have 19 passed balls between them.”

— Florida Marlins broadcaster in the bottom of the sixth after Jason Varitek’s second passed ball of the year. (The scorer changed his decision to a wild pitch in between innings.) Josh Bard was traded to the Padres on May 2.

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  1. Chuck Schilling

    17 years ago

    No one – no one – prepares for a broadcast better than Tim McCarver. Here’s a little game we can all play at home the next time the Sox play a Fox national game – print out a copy of the and guess which inning Tim will say a Sox related fact that’s not contained within the notes. Chances are “N/A” will be the winner.


  2. Nordberg

    17 years ago

    There is no reason to have anything but mediocre expectations for broadcasters. To wit: Chip Caray, Susan Wellman, Ed Farmer, Ron Santo, Dave Wills. It you haven’t had the, um, pleasure, buy XM, the audio package on or the season ticket on digital cable. The good ones, like Vin Scully, Jerry Remy, Don Orsillo and Pat Hughes, are far too rare.


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