Proof that teams get the broadcasters they deserve

August 8th, 2006 → 8:27 pm @ // No Comments

“Mark Loretta may be the toughest out in that Red Sox lineup.”

Royals broadcaster Bob Davis in top of the first inning of tonight’s Royals-Red Sox game. Loretta is fifth (out of eight) in on-base percentage among regular position players–behind Manny Ramirez, Kevin Youkilis, Trot Nixon, and David Ortiz.

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  1. Kevin

    17 years ago

    Maybe that’s why they plunked him? Either that or a lack of pitch control. Same thing.


  2. kml1258

    17 years ago

    Seth, as you know from your paternal roots, Midwesterners ain’t the smartest of the bunch.


  3. johnw

    17 years ago

    “Toughest out” is code for “doesn’t strike out very much.” It’s essentially identical to “bat control.” Both terms arise from the old-baseball theory that if a batter strikes out, it’s somehow much more damaging to the offense than if he grounds out to second base.

    With more and more baseball executives employing the tools of statistical analysis, the broadcast booth has become one of the last refuges of old-baseball thinking. You often hear broadcasters call for a sacrifice bunt or a hit-and-run whenever there’s a man on first, whether the situation warrants or not. Tim McCarver is one of the worst offenders.


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