Mike Timlin: Instant karma’s gonna get you

August 21st, 2006 → 12:38 am @ // No Comments

Not that Mike Timlin’s a guy who believes in karma, but its been five days since Timlin decided to blame the team’s woes on an offense that’s scored the third most runs in baseball: “We’ve been throwing the ball really well. I’m not calling anybody out, but we haven’t scored a whole lot. We’re pitching well, we’re holding teams down, and they’re doing the same to us.”

Since then, Timlin has faced nine hitters. Seven have reached base, on two singles, two doubles, two walks, and a hit batsman. He’s inherited three runners; all of them scored. And he’s giving up five earned runs. Tonight he put two men on with three pitches.

I’m assuming that Timlin doesn’t spend a lot of time hanging out with Jason Lee. But if he did, I’d bet he’d be looking both ways before he crossed the street.

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  2. […] Timlin Filed under: Mike Timlin, Hideki Okajima by Seth Mnookin @ 9:55 am Digg Del.icio.us Subscribe to RSS Feed Hideki “Darkman” Okajima continued his otherworldly run yesterday, prompting thisvalentine from Jackie MacMullan. I agree with pretty much everything in there — how can one not have a man-crush on the biggest HO on the team? — except for this shout out to Mike Timlin: “In other years, a prolonged stint for [Timlin] on the disabled list would have been a daily cause for angst, or at least some serious hand-wringing.” It’s not that I don’t like Timlin (although I don’t, particularly) or appreciate what he’s done for the Sox…it’s just that I’ve always thought re-signing Timlin was a mistake. He’s one of the few heart-attack inducing guys in the pen. If his absolute suckitude during last year’s Boston Massacre didn’t give evidence that there’s precious little gas left in his tank, the sheer idiocy of blaming the team’s offense for the Sox’s ‘06 woes demonstrated he’s not, um, the team player he’s always been made out to be. The only Timlin related cause of angst that I’ll have is when he comes off the disabled list. You know I’m right: if last night in the top of the ninth you heard the shuffling strains of “Black Betty” coming through Fenway’s PA…well, you would have been worried. […]


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