There ain’t no place I’d rather be…

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From the “things you learn when promoting a book” department: there is, in publishing, something known as a clusterfu, er, radio tour. These are not “tours,” per se, but a series of staggered phone calls, one after another after another, with stations around the country. They’re a surprising amount of fun, although the only other time I did one — right after Feeding the Monster came out — I did get a little slap happy by the end. Anyway, tomorrow there’s another, proving either that the gods of scheduling have a perverse sense of humor or the rest of the country wants to wallow in Boston’s misery. In either case, here’s the schedule. And yes, for all you fans in Nashville, you’ll actually have three chances to hear me tomorrow. Because Tennessee is a hotbed of Sox fanaticism.

Also, coming up in September, a brand new series of readings, including stops in Manhattan, Providence, Newton (home of the Tigers), and Burlington (MA, not VT). For those of you who won’t be able to heckle me in person but would still like a signed book, I can offer personalized, signed bookplates, sent to you free of charge in a lovely Simon & Schuster envelope.

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    17 years ago

    3 blog postings today: thank you, please keep it up. With the Sox now in complete freefall, this stuff, especially the dark humor, is helping to keep me sane. Speaking of which, the sweep by Seattle has added a new word to my vocabulary.

    Moribund: a dying state; near death.
    2.on the verge of extinction or termination.
    3.not progressing or advancing; stagnant.



  2. djslippyb

    17 years ago

    The Sox and the Dead, two great tastes that taste great together. Watching your team fall apart is a little easier if the sound is off and you got a smokin’ Scarlet Fire playing on the Hi-Fi.


  3. Peter_Rustin

    17 years ago

    the envelope really is lovely


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