Murr–ey. Murr–ey. (Moby Dick edition)

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The last time Murray Chass lost all touch with reality, there were those who contacted one of the Times‘s sports editors, essentially asking “What the hell is up with this freak?” (I wasn’t one of those people.) The editors responded — wearily, it must be said — with half-hearted defenses, and it wasn’t hard to sense a feeling of frustrated resignation. A job at the Times is basically the same as getting tenure. Which means we — and they — are stuck with the guy. (His articles almost never appear on the first page of Sports — according to a Nexis search, only five of the 73 pieces he’s written since the beginning of the baseball season have been on the section front.) So let’s make it fun!

Like in today’s column, ostensibly about the Tigers’ tired pitching staff. Somehow, Chass brings this back to the Red Sox, his own personal white whale: “The possibility of a Tigers collapse was first raised here two weeks ago, when they had a five-and-a-half-game lead. If the Tigers wanted to take a positive approach, they could say they had lost only half a game from their lead in two weeks. At that rate, with five weeks left, they would make it. There is nothing positive in the Red Sox’ recent play to buoy their postseason hopes.” Chass also writes, “Imagine the Red Sox’ stress when they discover there’s no room for them in the playoffs.” Or imagine Chass’s stress: what will he write about in October?

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  1. Ogie Oglethorpe

    17 years ago

    On an unrelated note, checkout these comments regarding Manny:

    Manny and Mike

    The next time a Boston media type tries to sell you on the theory that Manny Ramirez has not been treated unfairly by area reporters, use this little nugget as ammunition.

    Last week on FSN’s “Sports Tonight,” Mike Felger said of Ramirez, “I don’t think he’s injured. He’s probably in some pain. I don’t think he’s truly injured to the point where he should miss games.”

    Felger referred to Ramirez’ injury as a “Quote, unquote meniscus tear, because I don’t believe it’s really that torn.”

    Talk show hosts love to wallow in the gray area of opinion, but if Felger has conflicting factual information on Ramirez’ medical condition, he should bring it forward.

    If not, he is a merely tossing a trite, worthless and irresponsible shot at Ramirez, one that should not be shielded under the umbrella of opinion.

    Fellow FSN panelist Michael Silverman responded to Felger’s theory saying, “(Ramirez) brings it upon himself unfortunately because he doesn’t discuss these things.” Same old stuff. Ramirez doesn’t talk to the media, so idiotic doubts and insulting judgments reign.

    Felger also discussed Tim Wakefield’s injury, but did not question its validity. Why the double standard for Ramirez? Is it because Wakefield is one of the more media-accessible members of the team?

    “Sports Tonight” itself played into the anti-Ramirez theme with its poll question: “Do you think Manny’s sore right knee is a legitimate injury?”

    Let’s see if FSN features such a loaded question when a Celtics’ player pulls up lame this fall. If not, the network has no credibility. The same can be said of Felger and any Ramirez basher who fails to back up his fury with some fact.

    I’m not sure what Felger is doing commenting on baseball since he isn’t too informed in the first place. Stick to the Pats. But this just shows you what goes on in this town. This guy who specializes in Patriots football and not much else (unless you count landing hot local anchor women) who is trying to expand his scope to become a local sports personality. So, when this subject comes up on FSN he just follows the crowd. “Bash Manny, people will agree with you since everybody else does it and you’ll come off looking knowledgeable.” Unacceptable. Almost as bad as CHB’s article on Planet Manny. Ridiculous that Manny can be held responsible for this teams fall off. I’m just wondering when somebody is going to write an article titled, “Manny Ramirez, the Anti-Christ”


  2. Carson

    17 years ago

    “There is nothing positive in the Red Sox’ recent play to buoy their postseason hopes.”

    This observation may be unwelcome, but how is it out of touch with reality?


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