Dave Zinczenko on his ripped abs, ability to make two ‘Today’ show appearances in the course of six paragraphs

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“[Men’s Health editor] David Zinczenko is making his 17th appearance on the ‘Today’ show, this time opposite Steve Schirripa — who plays Bobby Bacala on ‘The Sopranos’ — on the subject of ‘heavy men.’ Heavy as in large, overweight and lacking any evidence of abs, quads or tone. …

“Mr. Zinczenko (pronounced zinn-ZENK-oh) has made a career out of doling out advice to men, helping them muddle through their post-metrosexual worries about their guts, their athletic prowess and their health.

“His prime vehicle is Men’s Health, a magazine with a circulation of almost 1.8 million — up by more than 100,000 from when he took over in 2000 — that has won readers and awards for its well-researched articles about men’s lives.

“From that success has come the appearances on the ‘Today’ show, where he is frequently trotted out (19 times and counting) as the spokesman for Everyman, combining cheerful quotability with extensive data culled in the interest of getting to know ‘Him.'”

— “Who’s the Man? Dave
by Erica Kinetz
The New York Times
September 3, 2006

(I know: the opening anecdote must have occured some time ago, and since then, Zinczenko must have graced “Today” two more times. But you’d think a news-gathering operation with more than 1,000 journalists could figure out some way to get this point across without causing head-scratching confusion.)

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  1. woodtull

    17 years ago

    Seth, thanks for bringing this up. I read this article on Sunday, after spending $3.75 for supposedly one of the world’s greatest newspapers. The article was on the front page of its respective section, and within 60 seconds, I was left scratching my head, re-reading the first section 2 times before I finally arrived at the same conclusion as you. I’m unfamiliar with the newspaper industry, but I would have thought these articles would be proofread before being published. I almost pointed out this ambiguity to my wife, but thought, “I just must be missing something.”

    By the way, after reading your blog for the past couple of weeks, I walked down to the Barnes & Noble on the Upper West Side to purchase “Hard News,” but it was out of stock. They placed it on special order for me.


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