Murray Chass admits he hates apple pie, full seasons of baseball

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“The 2002 deal was surprising because it left a void for those of us who had become accustomed to writing about work stoppages. It’s as if the entire season were played, and suddenly there was no World Series.”

— “Baseball Without Strikes? Talks Could Make it Happen.
Murray Chass
The New York Times
September 5, 2006

Chass was writing about an August 30, 2002 deal between the players union and baseball owners that averted a September strike.

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  1. jward23

    17 years ago

    Another pathetic mail-in by Chass. It brought to mind the standard talk-radio put-down–‘nobody cares what’s on your ipod.’ Murray, nobody gives a fuck what your favourite stories are. The real question is whether the once respected NY Times cares about the obviously biased columnists that are turning it into a tabloid.


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