Hi. My name’s Murray. I’m addicted to writing about the Red Sox.

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There are many joys of living in New York. The Village Vanguard is half a block away from my apartment. The Shake Shack is within walking distance. The subways run all night. The mayor doesn’t mumble.

There’s also the Times. Most of the time, I count myself as lucky that the Times is the newspaper delivered to my door (er, lobby) every morning.

When I see Murray Chass’s byline, it is not one of those days.

Today, Chass has column about the Marlins. Sort of: the headline is “Raves for the Daffy Marlins, Gibes for the Red Sox.” It’s not surprising that Chass — the man who recently acknowledged that, for him, a labor negotiation without a work stoppage was akin to a baseball season with the World Series (never mind that a work stoppage would actually result in a baseball season without a World Series) — can’t manage a column about the Marlins’ run towards the playoffs without starting off with some digs at the Jeff Loria/Joe Girardi situation. It’s also not surprising that Chass appears incapable of writing anything without it turning into a rant about how much the Sox suck ass; Chass, after all, is the guy who wrote that for the Sox to truly overcome the Yankees, they had to win the AL East…ALCS humilation be damned.

But even Chass seems to be treading dangerously towards white whale territory. Times folks (and I know a fair number of them) are almost universally embarrassed by Chass’s jeremiads. It’s time to stop being embarrassed; this is a man who needs an intervention. Addiction is never pretty, and it’s time for the Times to stop acting as an enabler. Step in and support the poor guy. He’s crying out for help.

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3 Comments → “Hi. My name’s Murray. I’m addicted to writing about the Red Sox.”

  1. Shalomar

    17 years ago

    His first few paragraphs are so self-aggrandizing; He uses ‘I’ six times in reference to himself. Isn’t that outlawed in Journalism 101?


  2. rdawg

    17 years ago

    The best part is when he writes, “But I digress.” No shit. It’s like he remembered that the article was supposed to be about the Marlins two-thirds of the way through.


  3. Nordberg

    17 years ago

    Murray Chass is Dan Shaughnessy’s alter ego.
    Or maybe Dan Shaughnessy is Murray Chass’ alter ego.
    Now I’m not sure who is who.
    Or is it which is which?


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