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September 27th, 2006 → 9:41 am @ // No Comments

Four days off the grid…and I didn’t implode. (In fact, it was surprisingly pleasant.) But I know the group of people who want to hear about how I spend my off hours includes my parents and…well, that might be it. So let’s get back into it, shall we?

There are four more games left in the season; it looks unlikely that David Ortiz will top Ruth’s or Maris’s 60 and 61 home run seasons, respectively. But if he gets to 58 (he sits at 54 currently), he’ll tie Hank Greenberg and Jimmie Foxx at 58, which would put him fourth on the all-time list (behind Maris in ’61 and Ruth in ’27 and ’21) of people who weren’t publicly shamed at last year’s Congressional hearing on steroids. That’s reason enough to watch the remaining games. (There’s also the mini-drama of whether the Sox will finish above the Jays in the rankings…)

One other quick note: after Schilling’s win last night — and how gratifying is it to see him end the season on a high note? — the verbally expansive righty was his usually classy self. When discussing the season he put the blame on his shoulders by saying, “I should have won a lot more. I should have pitched better.” That’s a little like Ortiz saying he should have hit for a higher average.

I’ll have lots more in the coming days, including season-ending report cards on players, executives, the front office, and much more…

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3 Comments → “Back on the grid…”

  1. Mr. Furious

    17 years ago

    Welcome back!

    I still dropped in every day hoping for a fix…looking forward to the report cards.


  2. s1c

    17 years ago

    I’ve always liked the way that Schilling just comes right out and shoulders blame for his performance’s. He seems to be a stand up guy to me.


  3. lperdue

    17 years ago

    Hmmmm … you mean you didn’t take your portable Hosaka so you could jack in, slot some ice and surf the Red Sox construct like a good console cowboy?


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