CNN’s Richard Roth proves he’s fit to broadcast baseball games

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More gems from today’s coverage…

Around 3:15, CNN’s U.N. correspondent Richard Roth began reporting on-air. From him we learned that:

* When a plane crashes into a residential building, longtime enemies find a way to get beyond their natural animosity: “New York is a tale of many cities, and there are people who would rather, on the East Side rather fly to Chicago than go to the West Side of Manhattan, that’s the way New York is, but obviously it’s a cause for concern for everybody.”

* When the in-studio anchor said the accident scene was not far from LaGuardia, Roth took the opportunity to bitch about New York traffic: “In rush hour it can take forever.” Roth, pro that he is, did recover, and once he realized he was being asked if the accident site was far from LaGuardia via plane, he said, “It’s a great view at times but some painful memories.”

* And finally, it’s gotten harder and harder to buy a quart of milk at 2 am: “New York skyscrapers, it’s certainly a building boon in Manhattan over the last few years especially, even after 9/11. Downtown has got more construction and uptown you can’t walk a block in Manhatan without running in to major construction crews. Small stores and neighborhood stores keep closing in areas and you wonder how they get supplied with food and all that because you’ve got apartment buildings going up nonstop.”

Apparently, it’s not only the Bush administration that feels the U.N. doesn’t need to be a top priority.

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  1. Information Leafblower

    17 years ago

    Good TV / Bad TV…

    I was really disgusted and disappointed by the news coverage of the whole Cory Lidle plane crash yesterday. It seems like every news outlet kept endlessly comparing it to 9/11, when to me it seemed a little more JFK, Jr…….


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