Why you knew the A’s weren’t going to be the second team to come back from 0-3.

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“We’re running into a better team, and they’re knocking down everybody in their path. It’s not frustrating, they’re better than we are.”
— A’s third baseman Eric Chavez after Oakland’s Game 3 2006 ALCS loss.

“We have to do what’s never been done in Major League baseball history and that’s come back from a 3-0 deficit.”
— Johnny Damon after the Red Sox’s Game 3 2004 ALCS loss.

“It’s as big a hole as you can dig yourself, but obviously, you’re going to keep fighting them and try to dig your way out of it.”
— Bronson Arroyo, ditto

“It’s never fun being down 3-0, but there’s still hope. We’ve still got a chance.”
— Tim Wakefield, ditto

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