Witness the media’s self-correcting mechanism in action

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“[N]ow we’ll always be left to wonder what Kenny Rogers had on his hand. And here, in what’s supposed to be the best of times in his sport, that’s what stinks the most about this unsavory World Series evening.

“See, it wasn’t just his pitching hand that Rogers soiled on Sunday night. It was, regrettably, his whole sport. And that’s a stain that will take a lot longer to wash off.”

Jayson Stark, October 22, 2006

“From the tenor of this discussion, you’re probably catching on that it didn’t take long yesterday for Dirtgate to transform itself into the kind of topic that nearly every baseball subject in history has ever morphed into — i.e., raging talk-show controversy on one hand, an irresistible clubhouse-comedy opportunity on the other hand.

“It was a healthy sign that the sport will undoubtedly survive Dirtgate. Not to mention a sign that this World Series will undoubtedly survive Dirtgate.”

Jayson Stark, October 23, 2006

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  1. Information Leafblower

    17 years ago

    Ex Imac To The Next…

    As soon as I decide to give up hope for Core2Duo laptop and give in an buy a 20-inch iMac (I figure it will make photo editing MUCH easier), Apple goes and announces new MacBook Pros. Oh well, those……


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