On the plus side, Tony La Russa’s still is under .500 in World Series games

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There were a number of very weird things about this year’s Fall Classic.

* For the first time ever, Tony La Russa was involved in a World Series that went more than four games (although that may have only been because of Kenny Rogers’s extra, um, assistance).

* David Eckstein passed himself off as a power threat.

* The Detroit Tigers pitching staff singlehandedly lost the Series on their errors. I guess there are some drawbacks to having such a young pitching staff.

* Jeff Weaver somehow transformed himself into a big game pitcher.

Now we can focus on the hot stove season. And honestly, I’ll get around to those post season wrapups…

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    17 years ago

    Remember those ‘what’s next in the this sequence’ questions on school tests? Well here’s one. Boston lost to St. Louis in the 1967 Series, beat them in the 2004 Series. St. Louis lost to Detroit in the 1968 Series, beat them in the 2006 Series. Next in the sequence is? That’s right, Baltimore beats the Mets in the 2008 Series. And if this does happen it will only prove once again that baseball is by far the freakiest game in the universe.


  2. Mude

    17 years ago

    I would go with the A’s over the Reds in 2008.

    2004: 1946 Series, avenged
    2006: 1968 Series, avenged
    2008: 1990 Series, avenged?

    The fact the two people commented on this proves that baseball is by far the freakiest sport. Or has the freakiest fans.


  3. rsmiller510

    17 years ago

    I think David Ekstein was simply being David Ekstein–a little guy that’s a bull dog on the field and at the plate, that is always a pest, that always makes things happen. He had a similar role, if you recall, with the Angels in 2002. I always thought the Sox got the worst shortstop out there in the sweepstakes after the 2004 World Series. The Sox got Renteria; the Angels got Orlando Cabrera and the Cards for the shortest money (if you’ll pardon the expression) got the irrepressible David Esktein. It was one of several poor decisions the Red Sox’ front office made in the years after winning the world series, the largest being letting Johnny Damon walk, but that’s a discussion for another day.


  4. zoowah

    17 years ago

    What’s not to like about Tony?

    He wins a division despite numerous injuries.

    He knows when to intentionally walk an MVP batter.

    He has his pitchers practice throws to first and third.

    He can win a World Series with a team that won something like five games during the season. And with pitchers everyone else has dumped.

    The guy deserves it.


  5. Carmines

    17 years ago

    “For the first time ever, Tony La Russa was involved in a World Series that went more than four games”

    Not to nitpick but the 1988 World Series went five games. Every other series after that was four-game sweeps until this year.

    Tony LaRussa likes dogs. Maybe a little too much (*ahem* Smooch Your Pooch T-shirt *ahem*) but anyone who loves dogs is alright with me. Even though I hate the Cardinals.


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